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Brakes are a crucial part of your car, and one that you need to make sure is performing well. AAA Mechanical and Suspension Repairs assures that you and your family continue to travel safely and securely. If you are experiencing issues such as noisy brakes or locking brakes, this is a sign that you should seek brake servicing immediately.

  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Brake Fluid Flushing and Replacement
  • Brake Disc/Rotor and Drum Machining or Resurfacing
  • Replacement of Brake Discs and Drums
brake & clutch repair service

The clutch is the part of your vehicle that attaches the engine to the wheels; it implies that its great your clutch operates smoothly for your whole car to work well. Whether you require replacing of a clutch cable or the clutch kit repairing in Burwood, we can assist you by using only quality clutch parts.

  • Clutch rebuilding and repairs
  • Flywheel grinding
  • Clutch plate relining
  • Clutch hydraulic repairs

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