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AAA Mechanical service centre in Burwood is a licensed car air conditioning specialist who provides air conditioning service to cars, vans, & 4WD. Driving your car without an air conditioning can be quite frustrating in Melbourne. Our workshop is armed with the authorized licensee, trained and experienced mechanics who can re-gas and repair all vehicles’ air conditioning system in all specifications and models including both passenger and freight vehicles. We also provide mobile Car Air Conditioning services.

AAA Mechanical guarantee in providing the best and high-class quality with your car air conditioning to make your drive hassle-free.

  • Specialist in Leak testing all components

  • Compressors, condenser and filter replacements

  • Stop bad odours from your air conditioner vent system

  • Diagnose and repair all air conditioning problems

  • Check pressures in your A/C system and advise solutions for your problem

  • Check temperatures on vents

  • Check climate control operations and vents direction system

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As Burwood’s leading car services and repairs specialist, we take pride in our work. Plus, our team has the knowledge, experience and skills, so you can be ensured your vehicle is in great hands!