Suspension Repairs

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If going over uneven roads or potholes leaves your car dipping and shaking, your suspension system could be out of alignment. Bring it in for a check as your shocks and struts may require repair or replacement. Suspension systems not only make the ride more relaxed but are also crucial to security. Failure of a suspension or steering component can result in poor performance or even an accident.

Common suspension issues include;

  • Steering wheel isn’t straight
  • Your vehicle is pulling one way
  • Tyres are not wearing evenly

In harsh conditions, a vehicle’s suspension might only the last 20,000km. But in a well looked after vehicle it could last 200,000km. Whenever we perform major work on the suspension, we include a wheel alignment. At AAA Mechanical & Suspension Repairs we fit modified suspension including lift kits, lowering kits and alignment kits.

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