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When you hear a variety of louder than usual noises bangs and scrapes, or while riding over bumps your car drifts around corners even at low speeds. It may be time that you need to check your car’s shock absorber system. Wherein for such service, the proficient mechanical force of suspension repair specialist and car suspension repair of AAA Mechanical Suspensions & Repairs is the best choice you can make because we tackle that job in quick turnaround time. As, while executing the suspension work we include wheel alignment on our servicing and repair radar which encircles following components as well:
  • fitting and replacing shock absorbers, springs, struts and suspension replacement parts
  • Examining the shock absorbers leaking fluid
  • Assessing the car dips forward while applying a break
  • Ensuring that the unusual tread wear of tyres are resolved efficiently
Moreover, our suspension repair specialist not only investigates the glitches mentioned above, but also saves you from the pocket drains, recommending when to replace or fit new struts, springs & shock absorbers. In ordinary cases vehicle’s suspension may last only 20,000 km, but if adhered to the schedule of repair workshop it could last 20,00,00 km. Keeping your suspension in top condition is vital to your car’s performance and equally for our team of car suspension repairs as well. Thus we ensure that all of the below mentioned parts are up to date so that you may enjoy an unstoppable drive even on those bumpy roads.
•    Steering
•    Exhaust Pipe/Systems
•    Braking Mechanism
Thus, to keep all four tyres in firm contact and to avoid unfortunate accidents, consider that all your suspension bushes such as ball joints and tie rod ends are in excellent condition. Further for getting all your repairs and servicing needs addressed connect with our car suspension repairs and suspension repair specialists at 03 9888 8683.
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